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Old Pennsylvania legend, it is written, tells of a creature called the squonk (lacrimacorpens dissolvens) .  The squonk lives in the woods and is very hard to track down, though its cries are often heard, especially around twilight, when it’s said to wander about the hemlock trees.  It is elusive, and it wants to be.  The reason for this is that the squonk is one of the homeliest creatures in the world and it knows it.  Its skin is ill-fitting, covered with warts and moles.  It doesn’t like being so ugly, so its cries and tears are said to be caused by its weeping over its lot in life. Skilled hunters, it is said, can track the squonk by following the trails of tears it leaves.  Even so, the squonk is very hard to catch.  In fact, only one squonk is said ever to have been caught.  This feat was accomplished by a hunter called J. P. Wentling, who lived near Mont Alto, Pennsylvania.  He caught the creature by mimicking it and luring it into a sack.  His success is attributed to the fact

Genesis 5: The World's First Navels

Curtis asks the question. Seth wasn’t Adam’s last kid.   Adam was 130 when Seth was born, which means Seth was something of an afterthought.   Adam didn’t give much thought to the sons and daughters born after Seth, though, since no one has bothered to remember their names.   He probably had a lot more children, though, because if he was still virile at 130, he probably had more than a little life left in him between then and his death at age 930. Seth, the third person in the world to have a navel (unless you count those other, unnamed people,) had a son named Enosh and a bunch of other children who weren’t named, and lived to be 912.   Enosh had one child of note, Kenan, and lived to be 905.   Kenan’s only noteworthy child was Mahalelel, and Kenan lived to be 910.   Mahalalael’s only noted child was Jared, Mahalalel lived to be 895.   Jared lived to be 962 and his only noted child was Enoch.   Enoch died young, at a mere 365 years, taken too soon from this earth to tru