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Genesis 4: The First Family

Cain and Abel: inventors of sibling rivalry. Eve had a problem.   She was knocked up by this man, but she wasn’t married.   In fact, she had two boys before out of wedlock, which might have scandalized the rest of her family, if they existed.   The boys grew up with their emotions unchecked, due to their parents carrying around guilt, worrying about social stigma, even though it wasn’t apparent whether society had even been invented yet.   They had issues.   The boys were lucky—they would be able to blame their problems on their parents’ inability to deal with these issues.   Who could their parents blame? The boys were Cain, who grew up to be a farmer, and Abel, who grew up to be a shepherd.   This meant that come sacrifice time, Abel was in a position to bring more impressive sacrifices to God, since He has always had a thing for lambs.   Cain grew jealous of his younger brother, who Mom always liked best.   And now God.   It was too much to bear.   “Little brother,” s