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Genesis 2

Albrecht Dürer's "Adam and Eve" (1507) On the sixth day, God tinkered with what He had made, and on day seven, he knocked off.   “Might as well have a holiday now,” God said, and He invited everyone over to His place that day, even though they didn’t really feel like going. Next week God found some particularly crappy ground where nothing was growing.   He took the clay there and shaped another human being with His own hands, because He was already bored with the other human beings He made last week.   Then God made the Garden of Eden, which was a diorama to keep his new human in.   Just to make things interesting, He also made a tree that grew a fruit that would let you figure out the difference between good and evil, but insisted that the human eat nothing from it.   “Eat from that tree and you’ll figure out right from wrong,” God said, “and then you’ll die.   Now do my gardening.”   (Years later, God would create another haven for those who don’t kno