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Spam: Where Does this Meat Come From?

In 1926, George A. Hormel of Hormel Foods created the first canned ham. This canned meat product gained quick popularity at hotels and restaurants, who were happy to have ham in such convenient storage. Though canned ham would be a common item in grocery stores later on, Hormel saw the product as too bulky to appeal to customers, and didn’t really try to get them onto the shelves. Eleven years later, George Hormel’s son Jay Hormel hit upon a new way to sell pork. He came up with a combination of pork shoulder, ham, and potato starch, with salt, water and sodium nitrite added in. This new product was processed into rectangular blocks and placed in 12 ounce cans. It retailed for 10¢, and was a hit with shoppers during the Great Depression, when there was a large demand for cheap meat. This new product was called Spam. Exactly why Spam is called Spam is shrouded in mystery, according to Hormel. It’s widely assumed to be short for “spice ham” or “spare meat” or “shoulders of pork

Genesis 9: Drinking, Animals, Nudity

Dad's drunk and naked.  Again. Soon after promising to never again to kill off all life, God realized how imprudent this was and gave himself an out.   To the Noah family He then said, “You know, when I said the other day that I wouldn’t kill humanity off again, I just meant I wouldn’t do it by flood .   You got that, right?” “Sure, Lord, whatever You say,” said Noah. “All right, then: that’s the promise.   You be careful now.   And you’d better take care of all my creatures.   I’m watching you.” “Lord?” asked Noah. “Yes?” “Where’d those penguins come from?   And where’d they go?   They were cute.” “Never mind.   And if any of you write about this story, don’t mention them.   Or the kangaroos.   Or the llamas.” “Why not, Lord?” “Don’t ‘why not’ Me!   I am the Lord, thy God!   That should be enough!   Now dig this rainbow.   Whenever you see this, remember that it means that I’m not going to kill you all.   By flood.” “All right, Lord,” sai

Genesis 8: Noah Lands the Ark

This photographic evidence of Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat has silenced all doubters of the story of the Great Flood. On July 17 the ark bottomed out on Mount Ararat in northwestern Turkey.   With nowhere else to go, Noah and his family and the animals waited.   On October 1, other mountaintops started to appear.   Sensing progress in the recession of the flood, Noah sprang into action and after forty days he started sending birds out to look for dry land.   One of the birds, a dove, returned after a week with a freshly plucked olive leaf in its beak, which was nothing short of miraculous itself, since olive trees typically take more than 47 days to grow, much less to sprout leaves.   A week later he released the dove again and it never returned, which was risky, since the only other dove in the world was still on the ark, thus risking extinction of the species, which would have earned Noah the eternal gratitude of New Yorkers who get pelted with their excretions to this d