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Genesis 3: The Fall of Man

Free fruit, talking snakes—this place is great! One of the man’s rejected pets, a snake, approached the woman and asked her if it was true that the new humans could eat from all of the trees.   The woman said, “We can—just not that one tree in the middle of the garden with the ‘Danger: do not eat’ signs all over it.   It’ll kill us.”   “It won’t kill you,” said the snake.   “Why would God put something here that will kill you?   He just doesn’t want you to know how to do his job, which requires knowing the difference between good and evil.   If you knew the difference between good and evil, then you wouldn’t stay in middle management forever.”   Eager for a promotion, the woman ate some of the forbidden fruit and got the man to eat it, too.   Suddenly the woman realized she had small breasts and a slight roll of fat around her abdomen, and the man realized his penis was a little small and that he didn’t like the hair on his chest.   They then made their first clothes, out of